The No Name RC Podcast

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What is the No Name RC Podcast

February 10, 2021

The No Name RC Podcast was created to talk about primarily 8th scale Nitro Buggy Racing around the world.

The two main hosts ate Keenan White aka Lefty the Great originally from Bermuda but now living in the Dominican Republic has been an RC racer, fan and enthusiast for over 20 years. For the last 4 years he has been the JQ Racing Team manager and has traveled to many races meeting many people in his journey.

JQ Aka Beaker or Joseph Quagraine is his real name is a complex, smart, disruptive, non filtered, passionate and most definitely a love him or hate him character in the RC community. He designs, races produces and sells hos own nitro and electric 8th scale RC buggies, has done many great tutorials and even just released a set up book for RC racers.

Together Lefty and JQ provide a funny, entertaining, edgy, boundary pushing, and educational at the same time. The goal is to help make RC Racing better cooler and help grow it by keeping the racers informed and thinking how together we can make RC Racing better for everyone.